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“Flawless dialogue and smart subdued humour… One of the best Australian movies in years.”
Saara Lamberg, director


“An honest and believable take on a relationship on the edge of disaster.”
Down Under Berlin


“Artistically captures one of life’s learning moments in an extremely raw way.”
Sydney Chic


“A personal Australian story that resonates long after viewing.”
Louise Alston, director


“An incisive commentary on the relationship dilemmas of modern times.”
What Did She Find?


“A thoughtful, refreshingly real take on modern relationships.”
Cinema Australia


 “Turns an often heard story into something beautifully tangible.”
Blank GC


“One of those rare indie movies, where even the supporting actors give some excellent performances.”
Indy Red


“A much-needed presence in Australian cinema.”
AB Film Review


“Raw and unflinching, striking a very real chord.”
Film Ink